The Data Is In: These Are the Top 2018 Home Trends Buyers Are Falling For

Each year, releases a comprehensive report — called the Single-Family Home Trends Report — that compiles data on what today’s buyers are looking for in their properties, according to industry pros like builders and real estate agents. This year’s report offers some surprising insights into which 2018 home trends are flourishing and which old standards may be falling by the wayside. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

2018 home trends

Green features like solar panels are some of the biggest 2018 home trends. Image: Sol Haus Design

Green features are in

It should come as no surprise that sustainable features are some of the most requested by buyers, according to this survey of industry professionals. Indeed, green industries have grown at unbelievable rates. The renewable energy industry, in particular, has an annual growth rate of around 68% in order to meet the demands of homeowners.

As for which features buyers crave the most, the following topped the list:

  • 34% solar energy
  • 26% natural light
  • 18% use of recycled materials
  • 13% water conservation
  • 5% passive solar design
  • 8% thermal flooring

High-tech features like smart HV/ACs are becoming more popular. Image: Honeywell Home

So is smart home technology

As far as the home automation category is concerned, many positive responses were to be expected. The most common features that the home and design pros are seeing added to homes are as follows:

  • 53% HV/AC and smart thermostats
  • 24% automated home security
  • 16% lighting control systems
  • 5% smart appliances
  • 8% automation geared toward the elderly and disabled

However, the rash of recent weather events has also prompted a spike in home safety technology. A whopping 50% of respondents have seen a trend in homeowners looking for homes with backup generators.


Patios are the top addition in outdoor spaces. Image: Yardscapes Northwest

And outdoor living spaces

These days, most of us crave outdoor living spaces. The survey found these spaces to be one of this year’s top features among buyers and industry professionals alike.

The most anticipated additions to an outdoor space are:

  • 34% backyard garden
  • 32% porch
  • 24% hardscaping, or man-made features such as paths and walls
  • 8% pool
  • 3% driveway

In repurposing existing outdoor spaces, respondents expect an uptick in the following:

  • 39% patios
  • 29% herb and vegetable gardens
  • 24% backyard gardens
  • 5% front yard gardens
  • 3% water features
open concept

Only 34% of buyers are searching for open concept layouts. Image: Angus Mackenzie Architect

But open concept layouts may be on their way out

Open concept layouts have been the style du jour for a while now — and industry professionals seem to believe that they’re not going anywhere. According to the survey, 50% of builders admit to making these layouts a priority in their home designs.

However, that may be contrary to what buyers actually want. The survey found that the term “open concept” only appeared in 34% of buyers’ searches for available homes. That number is much lower than in previous years. It could be a sign that tastes are moving in another direction when it comes to layouts.

What do you think of these 2018 home trends? Are you planning on incorporating any of them into your next home?

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