Little Design Luxuries to Consider for Your New Home

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When designing a new home, it’s all about the details. While you’ll be busy picking out things like cabinets and wall treatments, it pays to think small. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are little design luxuries that almost any homeowner can afford. You might even find that those details are some of your favorite features. Whether you’re into entertaining or you’re devoted to your dogs, some of these affordable design luxuries could make all the difference in your home.

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design luxuries entertaining

Ask for a hidden pantry to preserve a streamlined kitchen. Image: Tommy Hein Architects

Design luxuries for entertaining

If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining in your new home, the kitchen is probably the most important room. Here are some of the design luxuries to make your kitchen even more hospitable:

  • A pot filler or secondary sink. Depending on your kitchen layout, water might not always be where you need it. Streamline food prep by installing a pot filler over your stove or consider a secondary, smaller sink (sometimes called a prep sink) on an island. Either one will take about $200 to $300 out of your kitchen budget, but they’ll pay you back in spades when it comes to making cooking easier.
  • A hidden pantry. Finally getting the pantry of your dreams? Consider designing a hidden pantry to preserve the flow of your kitchen. Hidden pantries simply require panels that mimic the look of your cabinet doors. With a cabinet facade, your pantry blends in and your kitchen stays chic.
  • Built-in utensil organizers. Why not make things a little easier on yourself by installing utensil organizers in your cabinets? A few thoughtful dividers, hooks and trays is all it takes to upgrade your kitchen into a functional entertaining space.
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design luxuries kids

A stair slide gives kids their own little luxury at home. Image: Ashton Woods

Design luxuries for kids

Family homes might wear and tear a little quicker, but they’re packed with love. By designing with kids and family in mind, you can create a space that is welcoming, convenient and built to last. Consider these kid-centric design luxuries.

  • A drinking fountain. Tired of washing cups after a day of play? Drinking fountains are becoming more and more popular in homes, especially in spaces like mudrooms. A small drinking fountain can be installed for under $300, while larger models run $500 to $1,000. It’s a super convenient way to make sure your kids stay hydrated without resigning yourself to hours at the kitchen sink.
  • A message/homework center. Even if your kids have desks in their rooms or a designated homework space, there’s a good chance they’ll end up dragging their books into the kitchen. Setting up a homework center near all the action helps you keep things organized in one space. A nook with a desk, computer and hanging file folders won’t add much to your budget, but can help keep kids motivated and organized.
  • A stair slide. Be your kids’ hero by installing a stair slide. For less than $100, a stair slide can make going down the stairs (even just into the basement) fun for kids. It’s an option that seriously increases the “cool” factor of your home on the cheap.
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design luxuries dogs

A dog bath keeps the rest of your home squeaky clean. Image: WoodBridge Pacific Group

Design luxuries for dogs

Dogs are like family, so why not add a few little design luxuries that make your home even more pooch-friendly?

  • Dog baths. One of the biggest design trends in 2018 is including a dog bath for keeping your canine clean. After all, there’s nothing worse than a dog tracking mud through your new home. A simple, tiled area with a faucet can make all the difference near your back door or in the mudroom. The extra tile and plumbing is a relatively low cost, and you can use the bath for cleaning off messy kids, spraying off yard tools and a bevy of other housecleaning tasks.
  • Built-in kennels. If you kennel your dog, you know that kennels can be expensive and, let’s face it, kind of ugly. Instead of trying to hide them, make kennels part of the decor by opting for built-in models. You can position kennels so they’re near a dog door, letting your pup roam outside while still offering a dry spot inside. You can even design built-kennels that mimic the style of your woodwork and cabinets, putting up your pooch in style and making your life easier in the process.

The main benefit of designing your home is getting exactly what you want. But what might be seen as design luxuries could be extremely pragmatic for the way you live your life. Think outside of the box to come up with thoughtful design solutions that make your home completely unique – and extra luxurious.

Will you be incorporating any design luxuries into your next home?