Get Ready for Summer With These 15 Modern and Fun Pool Floats

It was a long winter and it’s time to reward yourself with a little sun and pool time. Don’t just go for an ordinary poolside day, adorn yourself with the perfect accessory! Here’s a roundup of fun pool floats that make a day at the beach (or pool) memorable.

1. Mermaid tail

cool pool floats

Kicking your feet up? Why not your mermaid tail, too? Cool pool float by Jasonwell, available at Amazon, $24.

2-3. Angels have all the fun

fun pool floats and inflatable pool toys

Cool pool float designer FUNBOY created the Lips Float, $79, and the Angel Wings, $128, for Instagram-worthy floating.

4. An inflatable pool float for modern art lovers

fun pool floats

The famous Balloon Dog sculpture by Jeff Koons is now a floating sculpture, brought to a pool near you by Target, $36.

5. Poolside sweetheart

fun pool floats

Simple but to the point, Bando‘s translucent pink heart, $24, stands out from the blue colors of pool and sky.

6. The Golden Goose

cool pool floats gold swan float

Taylor Swift is obsessed with swan pool floats. This gold one by FUNBOY, available at Amazon for $79, must be in her collection.

7. Made in the shade cool pool float

fun pool floats

If you’re going to use an emoji by the pool, the shades icon is a must. This cool pool float is only $18 at Amazon. 

8. Star Wars fans float, too

cool pool floats

The Millennium Falcon float by Swimways is $30 at Amazon and makes a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan in a galaxy near you.

9. For the wine lover

cool pool floats

Some poolside rosé takes on a whole new meaning with this fun pool float available at Urban Outfitters, $25.

10. The world can be your oyster

fun pool floats

The clam design is cool and provides a back rest! And yes, it does come with a pearl. Intex Seashell Pool Float at Walmart, $30.

11. Life is all rainbows…

fun pool floats

Or at least it can be on a hot summer day, with a fun pool float. Rainbow Cloud daybed by FUNBOY, $169.

12. … and unicorns

cool pool floats unicorn inflatable pool toy

You can’t have rainbows without unicorns! And Jasonwell’s floating unicorn at Amazon, $34, is awesome for kids of all ages.

13. Keep the party going when the sun goes down

cool pool floats

A classic round floating pool toy has been fitted with colorful LEDS. By Pool Central at Amazon, $52.

14. (Rose gold) pink flamingo

fun pool floats

Metallics are hot in home design — and in pink flamingos, too. Rose Gold Flamingo float by Sunnylife at Nordstorm, $25.

15. Put the top down and go retro

fun pool floats

How about a retro convertible pool float? FUNBOY even has a matching float for your dog!

Want to see some modern, amazing pools that would be the perfect home for one or two of these cool pool floats? Check out this roundup of 40 sublime swimming pools.

Did these fun pool floats get you in the mood for summer? Which one is your favorite?

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