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Happy Friday, friends! The kitchen nook area got a nice little update this week with a new set of pans and a wall-mounted pot rack.

The last time I posted about this area was around this time of year in 2016. It seldom gets any love because it’s the spot right before the sliding glass door (aka, the dumping ground for all of the tools and supplies while I work on the shed and deck outside).


It looks even better though when you compare it to how it looked the first year I moved in!

Funny how we just need the proper motivation to get organized sometimes, right? For me, the trigger to clean up this area was that white cookware set. I found them at TJMaxx and was immediately drawn to the white enamel and faux-wood handles. K and I discovered the first pair of pans while trying to kill a little time before meeting my parents for dinner one night, and we went on a hunt to Homegoods and another TJMaxx for the rest.

UDH tip: I assume it’s common knowledge, but just in case you didn’t know: if you find something at TJMaxx or Homegoods or Marshalls but it doesn’t have a full set, you can often find matching items at the other nearby stores. You have to take a little bit of a gamble on it, but I was pretty confident we would find more pans (given how many duplicates we found of the pans we bought). And if you’re interested on these kids of shopping tips, I have more here and here.

Anyway, the purchase of the pans made me finally buy the pot racks, and not having any room in my kitchen cabinets for either finally made me go through my pots and pans and get rid of some old ones. After K moved in this year, there’s been a lot of re-organizing to either get rid of duplicates, make room for his collections (he’s got a few, so it’s a challenge!), or just buy new sets of things to better match our combined tastes.

And speaking of reorganizing, the “please stand by” is in regard to me moving servers for this site. That isn’t really going to change how things look, but rather just trying to get a lot of technical stuff dealt with behind-the-scenes so I can then make more improvements. So, if you see something funky over the next couple days/weeks, there’s a good chance I’m already aware of it and trying to fix it, but still feel free to let me know. Whenever migrating, there are things that sometimes disappear (like even this post, so I have held off on my next deck update until I know for SURE I won’t have to do that work twice)!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Wall-mounted pot racks are great when you don't have a kitchen island, and they add tons of cabinet space. #kitchen #potrack #organization #kitchenorganization

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Adding Charm to the Kitchen Nook with a Wall Pot Rack