How To Declutter Your Home

Looking to declutter your home?  Tired of having a messy home and want to get cleaned up?  Have no fear, decluttering is here!

Decluttering is a term used to take the junk you have in your home that you don’t use and makes your house messy and disorganized.  Studies have shown that a messy home leads to messy, disorganized thoughts.  Cleaning your home and getting rid of the junk can lead to a better-organized life.  It also helps to free you of junk, stuff that you have that you no longer need or never really needed.

The best way to declutter your home, aside from hiring a professional, is to have a plan of action before you start.  Go through your home, room by room, and create a plan of action for each room and how/where you are going to start.

Also, have a plan on where you are going to bring your stuff once you get it out of the house, either the garbage or Goodwill, just know ahead of time what you intend to do so it doesn’t end up back in your home.

A tip from ClutterBGone, a decluttering service in Toronto, says that the better prepared you are before you start the more likely you will succeed in your decluttering efforts.  Have your bags or bins ready and know what you are going to do with them once they are packed.  Get them out of the house right away so they don’t end up back in the house.

There are also lots of great decluttering blogs and sites to learn more, here is a link to find some great organizing blogs.  And below is a nice infographic to give you some tips on how to declutter your home.

infographics Shiny Hair

Choosing The Right Fireplace

Looking to buy a fireplace for your home?  Before you buy, know what your options are.

Whether you’re renovating or moving into a new home, the fireplace is often the centerpiece of your living or family room.  IT also provides warmth to your home and provides a “homey” and aesthetic feel to your home.

So what kind of fireplace should you choose?  Well in reality, it depends.  The main choices are wood, gas and electric and all provide great benefits, but they also have some drawbacks.

Wood fireplaces are great, they provide natural heat, great classic flames, and a nice wood smell that brings back memories of family, cabins and nature.  On the other side, they can get really messy to clean, you need a supply of firewood, and your home needs to be vented properly to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas fireplaces usually have a direct gas line which removes the need to supply fuel, it has basically zero cleaning and is instant on and off, which is great.  The downside is that gas can be expensive depending on where you live and doesn’t produce the great flames a wood fireplace does.

Electric fireplaces have many advantages.  With an electric fireplace, you can place the unit pretty much anywhere, as long as there is electricity nearby.  You get consistent heat, often cheaper than gas, and they are fairly inexpensive and easy to setup.  While the flames have become much more realistic over the last few years. some people still don’t care for it compared to a real flame.  It is the most kid friendly fireplace as kids can touch the glass as heat comes from a heater above the fireplace.

For ,myself, I went with electric as we wall mounted it and it has become almost wall art besides providing heat to our family room.  I purchased it from Stylish Fireplaces, an electric fireplace store in Toronto.  If you live in the states, there are many places to buy it online as well as locally.

Check out the infographic below to find some great tips on choosing a fireplace for you home.


Physiotherapy Explained

The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy was one seen as a form of health rehabilitation that had no significant amount of application in the medical industry.  As the years progressed, this statement became less true as physiotherapy became an increasingly popular medical profession and the benefits of physiotherapy became very clear.

With the ability to naturally rehabilitate your body after a significant trauma, such as a car accident, you may want to consider the many benefits of physiotherapy.

Ranging from eliminating pain and discomfort to increasing the range of motion that your body experiences, physiotherapy can be a great opportunity for your health and your happiness.

Physiotherapy has also been gaining popularity in sports, where faster recovery can be seen with the use of physiotherapy.  Shannon Mathon of FIT Physiotherapy, a sports rehabilitation clinic in Newmarket, Ontario, says that sports patients that come for physiotherapy are seeing faster recovery without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures.

Physiotherapy and Car Accidents

There are a numerous amount of individuals who fall victim to car accidents on a daily basis and it can be difficult to find a way to prevent your body from experiencing aches and soreness after a crash.  Physiotherapy  is a great way to ensure that you are able to sufficiently repair any damage that may have been done by the impact of the crash.  Whether you are suffering from whiplash or if you pulled the majority of your back muscles, a professional physiotherapist will be able to use slow-motion exercises and massages to return your body back to normal.  The majority of individuals who seek the assistance of a physiotherapist are victims of car accidents.

Increasing Range of Motion and Endurance

Once you have received treatment from physiotherapy after your accident, you can now begin working on improving your range of motion and your overall endurance.  As another great benefit of physiotherapy, your medical practitioner will provide you with therapeutic exercises that are specifically used to increase the strength of your muscles.  These exercises are equally as beneficial for relieving any pain or discomfort that you may be feeling in your joints and modalities.  With that being said, using physiotherapy  will not only return your body back to normal, but it also has the opportunity to improve your body.

Physiotherapy and Disorders

Although the majority of patients who attend physiotherapy clinics require assistance pertaining to a specific injury, there are also many individuals who use the benefits of these therapeutic exercises to prevent symptoms of neurological disorders.  As an example, a physiotherapist may begin working with a patient with Parkinson’s disease to help reduce their tremors and they may also help a patient who experienced a stroke with building muscle on both sides of their body.

Physiotherapy is a natural alternative to potentially harmful medications and other chemical based treatments.  The road to recovery may be longer and harder, but it will leave you free and clear of any unnatural side effects and potentially harmful reactions.




How To Throw a Great Pool Party

Owning a pool is great because you can dive in any given time and relax. Doing laps around you pool in solitude can be very therapeutic.

However, at some time you might want to share the pool with others and the best way to do that is by throwing a party. Having a great pool party can be a little bit of a hassle, because you do need to prepare for it, but the fun is well worth the wait.

Of course, the weather for that particular day plays a large role in this, so make sure that you check the forecast a few days prior to the event. Create and send some invitations for the party to the people you want there. Be it friends or family, contact anyone you want near you during the party.

One of the most important things is to ensure that the water in the pool is clean and fresh, as this will be very important. Clean the pool if needed, and then bring some chairs so people can sit on them while they are not swimming.  Jon Portland of Discount Pool Supply Canada says entertaining friends and family with your pool is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning your own pool.

Then you need to bring out some music near the pool. Let’s face it, no party is great without music, and it’s also important to keep it different so all people can enjoy it.

Remember to bring lots of snacks and some food, as people do want to eat something while sitting there or after dancing a lot. Do get some drinks as well, although it’s important to avoid bringing alcohol based drinks. Sodas or some mineral water are more than great for this purpose.

Since the pool is definitely the star in this, you do need to play as many water games as possible. Racing from one end of the pool to another, playing with water balloons or waging war against others using water guns, all of these will provide you and your guests with a great time. If you want, you can hold contents to see which one of you makes the best cannonball, who shoots the most people with water and so on, then hand prizes to the winners. This definitely turns the whole thing into a competition and brings even more fun to the table.

Remember that a party, and especially a pool party is all about being social and interacting with other people your age. Don’t overdo it by throwing such a party too often, but from time to time a pool party can be beneficial, especially from a social standpoint. As long as you invite the people you feel comfortable near, you will definitely have a great time, so make sure that you contact most of your friends and throw a great pool party that you will definitely enjoy. Brings balloons, water guns, some pizza/snacks and some good music, then the people will do the rest!


How To Properly Treat a Knee Injury

If you run or perform different sports often, chances are that from time to time you do injure your knee, be it by mistake or from lots of workout. If such an accident does happen, don’t worry, with the proper treatment you will have to problem in dealing with the pain a lot easier.

Treating a Knee Injury

One of the best ways to deal with a knee injury is to rest a lot. Place a pillow under your knee to protect it from further damage and apply ice cold packs on it, as this will help minimize swelling. Each ice pack should be kept there for around 10-20 minutes at least 3 times a day in order to be efficient. It’s crucial that you avoid any type of activities that will prove to be painful and increase swelling. Don’t take hot showers or drink in the first 48 hours, instead start doing that 2-3 days after the accident has happened. Resting is really important especially in the beginning because putting pressure on your knee can prove to add some dramatic consequences to the table.

Compression can also decrease swelling, so it’s important to use an elastic bandage exactly on the injury. Be careful not to wrap everything too tight because that will increase pain, numbness and tingling in the area below the bandage.  However, the bandage is fragile and it won’t protect you from harm, that’s why resting is crucial at this stage.

Keeping your knee elevated at all times is crucial, but place something soft under it in order to keep it comfortable and avoid further damage. If the injury is serious you can use a crutch or a cane on the oppose side of the knee that hurts you. However, canes might make you walk with a limp, so you can opt for crutches instead, if needed.

Massaging the area slowly will encourage the blood flow and it will also relieve pain. If you feel that the massages cause pain though then stop it. The best exercises in this regard are the knee to chest and hamstring. Always avoid those types of exercises that put a lot of pressure on your feet, even if you recently recovered from a knee injury, because you can bring back the problem and even aggravate it.

Additionally, you should try to quit smoking during this period because the tissue repair process will be delayed.

Getting Treatment

If applying the RICE method of therapy at home isn’t working or you have severe pain, you may want to consider going to see a physiotherapist to assess your injury.  The last thing you want to do is delay treatment if you need more professional care.

There are some medicines that can help you treat your pain when suffering from a knee injury. This includes Tylenol, Advil, Aleve and Aspirin, among others. However, if the recovery process takes more than a few days, you should visit the doctor in order to check if there are any additional complications.  Also, check if the medicine you are going to take might trigger an allergic reaction and avoid it. Additionally, no matter how bad the knee injury hurts, never take more than the recommended dosage, because this can have some negative consequences.

The steps presented above are designed to help you deal with the recovery process a lot more efficiently. Rest, take care of your knee, massage it and take the proper medicine and you will have no problem recovering faster from your knee injury.

Spa treatment day

Using Your Hot Tub for Hydrotherapy

Hot tubs – having one at home or going to a spa, they are indeed the source of leisure and pleasure for every family member. In addition, they come with the ability to relieve pain, stress, and even different types of illnesses, by being commonly used as the most convenient means for hydrotherapy sessions.


Using water as a medical treatment is one of the oldest methods of medical therapy, used for centuries. Even people from the Ancient cultures practiced immersing their aching bodies in natural hot springs to ease their pain.  Jane Marsh from FIT Physiotherapy says hydrotherapy has been a therapeutic form of massage and relaxation for centuries and was popular during the Roman Empire.   It has shown that hydrotherapy is used to treat or alleviate illnesses such as arthritis, sore muscles, high blood pressure, insomnia and diabetes. Furthermore, it is known that warm water leads to relaxation and stress relief. Today, it is especially popular with sports medicine, physical therapy practitioners and psychologists, who recommend hydrotherapy to different people with different conditions. Hydro spas, hydro pools and hot tubs provide that necessary help.

Using hot tubs

Hot tubs are probably the most suitable tools for hydrotherapy simply because you can have them at home. They come in different shapes and form but their purpose is clear – having fun and getting healthier. Soaking in warm water will stimulate blood circulation and increase the production of endorphins, so you are free to relax and enjoy your time, while your body is recovering. Combining these factors together will help with boosting your immune system, decreasing inflammation and improving the overall well-being, making your body young again. Doctors recommend sessions of 20 minutes in a hot tub because even that is enough to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy. However, for better performances and specific treatments, it is important to check which model of a hot tub will suit your needs.

Jets of a hot tub can be positioned in different places and it is important to know what body parts you want and need to focus on, so you find an appropriate model. Thankfully, the offer is so vast that finding a right model is not going to be an issue. Moreover, jets provide different kinds of massages – powerful and direct streams that aim on specific muscles, or more gentle swirls that pulsate the water, relaxing the whole body. With the high demand and general usefulness, tubs and jets come in such configurations that can be customized easily and effectively.

Even if we turn to science to ask for more evidence, scientists believe warm water and massages have a positive influence on cognitive performance. They are testing the effects on people with post traumatic disorders, as well as people who suffer from physical pain. All in all, apart from being a widely available product for an ultimate delight, having or regularly using a hot tub will ensure your health is well taken care of.